Welcome to The Adoption Connection Village

The Adoption Connection Village

Connecting you with other adoptive moms who "get it" and surrounding you with support so you know you're not alone.

Why You Should Join

  1. Join live, virtual coffee chats.
  2. Easily connect with others on similar journeys (e.g., single parenting, fostering, parenting teens, etc.).
  3. Find moms in your real-life community who are also in our village.
  4. Get access to an entire video library of trauma-informed behavior plans and expert interviews.

About Your Hosts

Between the two of us, we represent all three parts of the adoption triad. 

We've been around the block a couple times with kids by birth, adoption, and foster care. And lived to tell about it.

We're here to connect you with friends who understand.

You are not alone.

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